What Is Coinremitter?

Coinremitter is a global cryptocurrency payment processor/gateway of online cryptocurrency payment solutions.

Coinremitter is a payment platform where vendors and consumers can transact with each other, worked with new bitcoin/altcoin payment protocols.

We currently have many registered companies/vendors from all over the world and we are steadily getting more and more websites using our bitcoin/altcoin gateway every day. See wordpress and other framwork bitcoin plugins & API.

Our gateway is based on a different technology than standard gateways. It is fully able to integrate with Internet website pages, no external payment pages open (as other payment gateways offer) and is more friendly for use by end website visitors & mobile application users.

The main attraction of our gateway is it is easy to use with detailed statistics, lowest cost, reliable, website owners / vendors receive bitcoins/altcoins directly in their wallets, no bank account needed, no conversion to fiat money. You can convert received bitcoins to USD/EUR/etc later using Binance, Polinix, Coin exchange.

As additional security we do not keep any customer's money (bitcoins/altcoins) on our servers. All received payments are automatically forwarded to vendor's external wallet addresses within the next 60 minutes. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL encryption) to keep transaction information safe. This gives additional protection to our customers against hackers, etc.