Our aim to offer simpler and faster crypto payment gateway for our users.

About us

  • Coinremitter is fully functional gateway of cryptocurrencies. We always wanted coinremitter to be easy for users. The kind of service we are providing is reliable, trustworthy and silkless. We have already made a family of 26412+ users and built up a strong connection with them. Our services such as digital wallet and digital invoice including other functionalities performs seamlessly. We focus more on our user’s needs and accomplish them as soon as possible. We always aim to make services simple for those merchants and vendors who are eventually new within this crypto world and wanted to make strong communication and looking for to make strong wallet transaction with their buyers or sellers.
  • To connect with individual websites is also our major step for those who are using coinremitter plugin like PHP, Laravel and Wordpress from their websites with the help of our rest API through docs . The lowest withdrawal fees, privacy of our users and giving smooth & faster service is our major concern above all of the things. The pioneer of coinremitter is balanced on the feedback of users and it’s combined technological aspects. We have successfully balanced this structure in order to provide the best to our existing and upcoming users.
  • One of the main things of our gateway is that easy steps of our functionality like anyone can do currency swap within a minute or you can simply list your coin on our gateway.
  • In addition, all the payments are directly forwarded into the seller’s wallet within a minute, therefore, all the credit goes to our technology who make quick payments possible. Our Webhook function is the mammoth reason why consumers receive payment notification so quick. Our security system two factor authentication (2fa) provides the best security in order to protect account.
  • Coinremitter is built to provide the simplest and quicker service to customers. Moreover, we also take feedback from them to improve ourselves in the future to provide the best service.
  • You can check here about how the functionality works on coinremitter:
  • https://blog.coinremitter.com