Market Rates of Cryptocurrencies

Current market cap: 2.65T, Variation over the last day: 0.65%.

Coin Price 24h(%) Volume(24h) Market Cap

BTC Bitcoin

$59,885.48 3.16% $20,928,928,802.24 $1,180,958,175,982.62

ETH Ethereum

$3,191.67 1.72% $9,788,339,783.75 $383,689,296,890.80

USDT Tether USDt

$1.00 0.00% $39,529,666,677.89 $112,497,035,738.96


$537.46 0.50% $1,521,457,027.15 $79,320,078,617.25

DOGE Dogecoin

$0.11 4.02% $594,776,423.16 $16,447,546,414.29


$0.14 -1.22% $348,014,563.52 $12,049,984,403.53

BCH Bitcoin Cash

$382.14 1.92% $271,105,159.76 $7,540,596,329.31

LTC Litecoin

$70.42 0.46% $244,999,320.58 $5,263,867,478.81

XMR Monero

$156.46 -3.07% $54,763,327.43 $2,886,172,946.02

Hassle-free Crypto Payments @Coinremitter

We aim to provide quick crypto payment processor services to merchants willing to take a step ahead with crypto payments.

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Why Choose Coinremitter?


No KYC & bank account required

Merchants can sign up without processing KYC or adding a bank account if they want to accept crypto payments with Coinremitter.

Low crypto fees

Lowest crypto processing fee

Among all crypto payment gateways, Coinremitter charges the lowest crypto processing fees while withdrawing funds to an external address.

Coinremitter gas station

Gas fee reduction feature

Merchants can enable the feature named gas station on selected crypto transactions to reduce the actual gas fee charged by the blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Except for crypto payments, what other services does Coinremitter provide?
    Except for crypto payment gateway services, Coinremitter provides coin listing & gas station services. With Coinremitter’s premium plan, merchants can enhance their experience of accepting crypto payments by saving more from their profits with the help of Coinremitter’s gas station.
  • How long does it take to process crypto transactions on Coinremitter?
    Transaction speeds may vary upon network congestion and chosen cryptocurrencies. If you’re accepting crypto payments as a merchant, you don’t need to worry as Coinremitter tries to achieve the maximum transaction speed. However, merchants can opt for faster withdrawals by spending higher on withdrawal fees under the wallet section from the dashboard.
  • How can I withdraw crypto from Coinremitter if there’s no need to add a bank account?
    Coinremitter allows you to make withdrawals of the crypto payments received by you. This can be done by transferring your funds to your external crypto wallet. Converting your crypto funds into fiat currencies on Coinremitter isn’t possible as Coinremitter isn’t supporting currency conversion or any other services related to fiat currencies at this moment.
  • What is Coinremitter’s affiliation program?
    The affiliation program or referral program tends to offer a part of Coinremitter’s revenue. Merchants can invite their referrals to Coinremitter to accept crypto payments and can claim up to 75% of the withdrawal fees on each referral’s transactions.

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