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  • Coinremitter is a global cryptocurrencies payment process/gateway of online cryptocurrency payment solutions. To read more about us, Click here

  • We have most of the services available on our website so that you don’t have to go anywhere except staying on coinremitter.

    We have the functionalities like you can list your coin, Digital wallet, Digital Invoice, Coinremitter Plugin, Rest API.

    All of these services are simple and quick so that anyone can set up easily and start doing business and accepting crypto coins within a minute.

  • No, we are not supporting any fiat currency or any credit card service.Conversely, you can convert your cryptocoins later into fiat currency by using other exchanges. We support Tether USDT Coin

    Coinremitter only allows to send and receive payment in crypto coins and other functionalities will only support in crypto coins but not in fiat currency.

  • Since, cryptocurrency has shown its miraculous performance in the market, All the major firms are willing to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Some of the major companies have already started accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

    Accepting crypto technology will open the gateways for those who wants to spread their across the globe but afraid of high foreign exchanges. Well, it doesn’t apply on crypto market however, you can be anonymous for the rest of the world even for your vendors. Peer 2 Peer connection built the strong connection between vendor and merchant. Moreover, it will gain more trust between them and can directly send coins into the merchant’s wallet.

  • No, you don’t have to submit your ID and KYC while making an account on coinremitter. It does only require your email id and phone number(optional) that’s it. But you have to verify your email id in order to confirm that it’s actually you or someone else.

    This is the only thing you have to do to become a member of coinremitter. If you haven’t signed up yet then signup here for free and become a member of our family.

  • Our transaction fees are lowest in this cryptocurrencies payment process industries, Its 0.23% on withdrawal of the currencies. We are proud to offer the lowest processing fees.