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Coinremitter is a payment gateways for cryptocurrencies.

API service

API service

API service is for your integration process.

wallet service

Account and wallet service

Account & wallet is for existed and upcoming members of coinremitter.

1. What is coinremitter?

Coinremitter is a global cryptocurrencies payment process/gateway of online cryptocurrency payment solutions. To read more about us, Click here

2. What kind of services do you provide?

We have most of the services available on our website so that you don’t have to go anywhere except staying on coinremitter.

We have the functionalities like you can list your coin, currency swap, Digital wallet, Digital Invoice, Coinremitter Plugin, Rest API.

All of these services are simple and quick so that anyone can set up easily and start doing business and accepting crypto coins within a minute.

3. Do you support any fiat currency or credit card services?

No, we are not supporting any fiat currency or any credit card service.Conversely, you can convert your cryptocoins later into fiat currency by using other exchanges. We support Tether USDT Coin

Coinremitter only allows to send and receive payment in crypto coins and other functionalities will only support in crypto coins but not in fiat currency.

4. Does it benefit to start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies?

Since, cryptocurrency has shown its miraculos performance in the market, All the major firms are willing to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Some of the major companies have already started accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

Accepting crypto technology will open the gateways for those who wants to spread their across the globe but afraid of high foreign exchanges. Well, it doesn’t apply on crypto market however, you can be anonymous for the rest of the world even for your vendors. Peer 2 Peer connection built the strong connection between vendor and merchant. Moreover, it will gain more trust between them and can directly send coins into the merchant’s wallet.

5. Do I need any ID and KYC to verify my account?

No, you don’t have to submit your ID and KYC while making an account on coinremitter. It does only require your email id and phone number(optional) that’s it. But you have to verify your email id in order to confirm that it’s actually you or someone else.

This is the only thing you have to do to become a member of coinremitter. If you haven’t signed up yet then signup here for free and become a member of our family.

6. How much do you charge to accept cryptocurrency in wallet?

Our transaction fees are lowest in this cryptocurrencies payment process industries, Its 0.23% on withdrawal of the currencies. We are proud to offer the lowest processing fees.

7. Do you have any affiliation program?

Yes! Every merchant has unique referral link. You can share it. Coinremitter affiliates program can earn you up to 75% commission from the coinremitter revenue (Transaction fees) After successful transaction being completed by customers who are directed to Coinremitter through their website.

Click here (https://coinremitter.com/#affilation) to learn more about the affiliate program.

1. Do you have any plugins? And where it is?

Yes! We do have our plugin on the websites.

We have successfully integrated with Wordpress, Laravel and PHP. you can easily find our plugin into these websites and you can also install it by using our rest API.

2. Can I use your rest API?

Of course you can. Even it’s mandatory to use our API if you’ve installed our plugin into your website.

You can checkout our API document page to start your integration. If you are already using our rest API. API key is the most important thing without this you can’t even operate our plugin in your website.

3. How can I get my API key?

Once you’ve successfully created your wallet on the coinremitter website then click on your wallet.

Once you click on your wallet new tab will open and find *crendetential tab. Click on this tab where you will see API key.

Click on an API key it will be automatically copied. Now start your integration process.

You can click here (how to get api key and password of coinremitter wallet) check out here more deeply about how to get API key on coinremitter.

4. What would happen if I lose or forget my API password?

It;s not that big issue, if you forget your password then you just have to do one thing go to the Wallet Page on *click on your wallet, after that you will find 5 tabs you must *click on Credential in this tab you will see password option. Click on the right side of the pencil icon new box will appear.

On that box you can create your new password successfully. Process is not that hard, you can even do it simply. Make sure you don’t lose your new password again.

1. Do I really need an account to use your services?

Yes. In order to use Coinremitter, you must open an account. The process is standard: You will need to provide contact information (Email address and Name). No KYC require.

2. Do I make more than 1 wallet?

Yes! You can make multiple digital wallet of same coin in order to send and receive payments. This feature will be useful if you are managing two+ website or app. Mostly it is useful for developers.

Make sure you keep two points in your mind:

  • Make wallet as per your and your customer's requirement.
  • Do not make wallet for fun, if you really want to give wings to your business then we are welcoming you with kind heart.

Click here to know about how to create a wallet on coinremitter

3. How can i delete my wallet?

If you really want to delete your wallet then, click on the wallet you wanted to delete.

Let’s say if you have 2 Bitcoin’s wallet and you want to delete one of them. Then proceed on this information, click on the bitcoin wallet. Now new tab will open on your desktop, over the 5 options you must *click on the General tab. Scroll down and at the bottom of the page you will find Delete Wallet tab. *click on it. And after that *click on Confirm. Now you’ve successfully deleted your wallet

(Note: Before you delete your wallet you must check out your wallet balance because it will not be recovered once you delete your wallet the remaining fund will be gone)

4. Do you have any service to protect wallet from scammers?

Yes! We do have the best security service (2fa) to protect our users private data and transactions history and also other things which our users held in their blockchains.

To protect your blockchain address & key we must tell our users to use strong Password and do not lose under any circumstances.

5. What Is Auto-Withdrawal ?

The auto-withdrawal functionality by Coinremitter operates every 30 minutes, however, users with free membership cannot stop it.

While premium membership users can disable auto-withdrawal functionality for all coins/tokens except (USDT ERC20, BNB, ETH).

Please see our blog if you want to disable the auto-withdrawal feature.

6. How do I create and send invoice?

If you are a merchant and want to send an Invoice to your vendor then, it’s a simple functionality. On the dashboard page you will find an Invoice tab just beneath Referral tab. *click on the Invoice tab.

On the Invoice page you will see New tab on the right side at the top *click on it. New page will open where you find several of options fill it appropriately. and send it to your vendor.

Another option is, You can create invoices using our API. Check out here If you don’t have any idea about how invoice functionality works and how to fill the blank spaces then click here to get full idea (https://blog.coinremitter.com/how-to-create-invoice/)

7. Do you offer any testing wallet service for practice?

Yes! we do offer our users to use our TEST COIN WALLET service to practice on the live environment of coinremitter. It works exactly like the real wallet which means the beginners get to know how this wallet system works and how to secure account and address of their cryptocoins. We also offer free coins in the wallet once they successfully created a test coin wallet.

Click here to know more about test coin wallet (https://blog.coinremitter.com what-is-test-coin-tcn-and-how-to-use-it-during-integration/)

8. I don’t have access to my google 2FA, What should I do?

If you don’t have access to your google 2fa then use Code card security. It’s basically a program that will enable your 2fa security from disable mode.

After enabling it you will have to enter some appropriate things and after filling all it you will receive codeguard token and fill in the confirmation tab and submit it.

With this process you will get access to your 2FA.