Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Easy & Fast

With Coinremitter, you can accept payment in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Dash, Binance, and other crypto coins and tokens like USDT ERC20. Coinremitter’s plugins and API make it easy for anyone to begin accepting payment instantly.

Create an account

01. Register Account

First, you must register with Coinremitter; after that is completed, you are ready to go to the next step.

Create a wallet

02. Create Crypto Wallet

To send or receive cryptocurrencies, you must first create a wallet for the exact crypto coins you wish to send or receive.

Send/Receive coins

03. Integrate Plugin

If you wish to accept cryptocurrency payments on your website, you must integrate Coinremitter’s plugins and API.

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Benefit Of Accepting Cryptocurrency

When you begin taking payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance, Ether, and others, you'll be astonished at how many benefits crypto payment options have over traditional payment methods!

  • Fees Are Low
  • Payments Are Irreversible
  • Secure & Untraceable
  • Attract More Customers

Benefit Of Coinremitter as payment gateway

Coinremitter is one of the top cryptocurrency payment gateways and wallets, with a low fee structure and secure platform that allows for simple and quick transactions.

Apart from that it also provides other functionalities, like invoice generation, coin swapping which is very useful if you are running an online business.

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If you want to reach a worldwide audience that is interested in cryptocurrency transactions, then coinremitter is the appropriate payment gateway for you.

  • Boost Your Business Globally
  • Receive Payment In Cryptocurrencies