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Create a wallet for any cryptocurrency listed below using CoinRemitter and send and receive crypto easily and securely anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin Cash
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Tether USD ERC20
Binance Coin

Why Use CoinRemitter?

CoinRemitter is a worldwide accessible cryptocurrency wallet and payment gateway, and it is the safest and fastest wallet in the crypto sphere.

  • 7 major cryptocurrency is supported
  • Uses blockchain technology for secure transaction
  • Reasonable Transaction Fee
  • Free Technical Support
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robust securtiy feature by coinremitter crypto gateway

Multileveled Security

CoinRemitter uses a secure platform where their cryptocurrency and transaction are secure and guarded using the latest technology, we use 2 Factor Authentication and Codeguard.

Using this different level of security, users can protect their account and wallet’s funds and transactions from any misconduct.

Create several ways to unlock your wallet and blockchains such as a pin, private key, or anything else that is more suitable.

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Multi Wallet support

01. Supports Multi Wallet

Create, and manage multiple wallets in one place.

Send/Receive coins

02. Send & Receive

Send and receive cryptocurrency fast and securely.

Take business across the border

03. Take Business Globally

With CoinRemitter Wallet, make transactions globally.