Every major coin on this gateway

Create a wallet from any one of these coins and starts accepting or sending payments of these coins in your digital wallet.

Bitcoin Cash
Test Coin
Tether USD ERC20
Binance Coin

The safest place for your coins

Do you want to transfer coins worldwide? Then use coinremitter digital wallet functionality to make your transaction smooth & simple.

  • Availability of Every major cryptocoins
  • Blockchain technology to secure payments
  • Cryptocoins transfer directly into individual’s wallet
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digital wallet
robust securtiy feature by coinremitter crypto gateway

Multifarious segments of security

With the security function like 2fa and codeguard are strongly capable to protect your wallet and funds even coinremitter can not is not able to take your coins from your wallet.

Users can use different stage of security services in order to protect their funds and can create an illusion for malicious commodity.

Create multiple ways to open your wallet and blockchains like pin, private key or anything which would suit you more.

Multi Wallet support

01. Multi Wallet support

Create more than one wallet and manage it according to your requirements.

Send/Receive coins

02. Send/Receive coins

Do payments across the globe without any hesitations and direct send / receive within a wallet.

Take business across the border

03. Take business across the border

With decentralized functionalities take yourself across the globe and do business while being an anonymous.