Coinremitter Integration

Coinremitter provides plugins for all major ECommerce platforms to make the process of accepting Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as payment, easy, fast, and seamless. With its free-to-use plugins and quick integration process which is perfect for any online business to join the crypto-world and gain a global market.

Open-Source Gateway Plugins

Coinremitter provides plugins that are open source, which makes it more reliable as they can make modifications to it which only makes the plugin more effective & perfect for use.

Coinremitter has plugins for multiple platforms which is being used in the market by all most all major ECommerce portal, so if you want to accept crypto payment on your website or application, using Coinremitter’s plugins you can make this process convenient for the customer as well as for you to operate and manage.

Integrating Coinremitter plugins is very easy, and more importantly quick. You can integrate plugins, and begin accepting payment in crypto without costing any extra time with the use of its API and key.

Down below you can see the platform where you can integrate Coinremitter’s plugins:

All The Supported Cryptocurrencies

With Coinremitter crypto payment gateway, you can only accept payment in crypto that is supported by Coinremitter, which includes Bitcoin, Ethereum which are the most used cryptos, and apart from that Coinremitter also supports ERC-20, Binance, and others.

Coinremitter currency supports 7 cryptocurrencies, all these cryptos are majorly being used by people which makes it easier and trusted by people to make transactions with these cryptocurrencies.

Apart from these cryptocurrencies you can also create/list your own test coin which gives you more control over the transaction and its charges.

Note: We don't currently offer fiat currencies like (USD, EUR, JPY, RUPEE, etc.)

Down below you can see the cryptocurrencies supported by Coinremitter:

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Start accepting Cryptocurrency With The Help Of Coinremitter Plugins.