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how payment gateway works ?

Payment gateway for products / E-commerce websites.

  • Sellers integrate Coinremitter in their E-commerce website.
  • Products are selected through the website.
  • Invoice is generated equivalents to cart's amounts in bitcoins
  • Payment is done through cryptocurrencies by the user.
  • Products are delivered to the client.

Payment Gateway For Registration.

  • Registration fee is accepted in cryptocurrencies by website which integrates coin-remitter in to it.
  • Registration form is filled by the client.
  • Payment is done in cryptocurrencies.
  • User can successfully register to website,after making successful payments.
  • Products are delivered to the client.

Payment Gateway For Membership Site.

  • Accept payment in cryptocurrencies through coinremitter integration for membership website.
  • Clients selects suitable membership plans.
  • Clients fills the registration form online and makes payment in cryptocurrencies for membership websites.

Payment Gateway For Post.

  • Integrate coin-remitter into directory listing site or similar website and accept payments to post on the website.
  • Write content to post On the websites.
  • Make payments in cryptocurrencies for the post.

Payment Gateway For Invoice Managements.

  • Well,coinremitter can help u for sure if the user wants to sell something.
  • Invoice is created by the users with an email address, amounts in USD along with the required amount in cryptocurrencies with the description of the products.
  • Send an invoice to the given email address by the user and track its status.

Payment Gateway For Service Provider.

  • Various service provider companies like Hosting company, Domain purchase, Taxi site, Rental site, Laundry, etc, can accept cryptocurrencies easily.
  • With coinremitter integration make payments in cryptocurrencies.
  • Service is delivered to the users who made payments in cryptocurrencies.