Accept Binance Crypto as payment with Coinremitter

  • Binance payment on your website through Coinremitter payment gateway plugin. Now you can Start accepting crypto payments.
  • Coinremitter payment gateway is one the best, secure and reliable, and most importantly user-friendly crypto payment processors for Binance and other coins.
  • To use coinremitter payment gateway to accept Binance coin, all you need to do is create an account on Coinremitter as a Merchant or as an individual. So, you can start receiving payment directly on your Coinremitter Binance wallet.
  • To start accepting Binance on your website, you need to integrate a Coinremitter payment gateway on your website.
  • Once done, you will need to create a Binance coin wallet. So, you start receiving and sending payment directly to the wallet.
  • After creating a wallet, you need the API key and Password, go through this information and you’ll get the idea of How to get API key and Password?
  • Just paste the API and password of that coin and integrate it into your site and then you’ll be able to accept crypto payments. For understanding in-depth check out this guide: How to Create a Wallet?

Why Use A Binance Coin As A Payment ?

  • Binance coin has a lot of value for anyone who uses it for crypto trading or any other type of online payment.
  • From the flexible constraints on exchanging expenses to its more widespread use within Binancians' vast locality.
  • Binance coin, like the gas that controls the stage, will be the primary basic resource for the upcoming Binance decentralised payment system sooner rather than later.
  • Binance is now figuring out how to grow into a significant organisation, which is driving up the need for a payment gateway so they can accept Binance Coin (BNB) as payment for their services and other online operations.
  • BNB is noted for its dependability and consistency.
  • When comparing the rise in the number of people looking to pay for products or services along these lines, this attitude has been one of the contributing components to its success.

Benefit of Coinremitter

  • We provide our crypto payment gateway service at the lowest fee, which is 0.23% on withdrawal of currencies.
  • You can store BNB on Coinremitter Binance Wallet, as long as you want.
  • You can swap a BNB to another coin with the simplest currency swap feature. You can also keep the track of swapped coins.

What Coinremitter Offers to Help Businesses.

  • Coinremitter is the fastest and the most secure payment gateway service provider that helps you and your businesses to simply integrate into your website or application, once done you can start accepting crypto payments.
  • Apart from that Coinremitter has dozens of other benefits. One of them is you can transfer crypto money anywhere in the world without any bank account or credit card involvement.
  • Our other features such as currency swap, digital wallet, create an invoice, and many more will help your business boost.

Boost Your Business With a Coinremitter.

  • With Peer-to-Peer Network you can build up a strong relationship between your business & customer. Helps you to scale up your service globally by accepting crypto payment directly to your wallet.