Accept Binance Coin Payments With Coinremitter

arrowCoinremitter’s pro users can have an access to the BNB API. These merchants need to own a BNB wallet on Coinremitter for accepting BNB payments.

arrowSigning up for Coinremitter as a merchant or an individual is mandatory if you’re willing to accept Binance Coin payments. Integrating Coinremitter’s Binance Coin API into your website is the next step for accepting Binance Coin payments. You can check the way to get the API key and password of Coinremitter.

arrowAdding a Binance Coin wallet on Coinremitter is mandatory for accepting Binance Coin. You can follow this guide to creating a Binance Coin wallet. Now you’re eligible to receive Binance coin payments with Coinremitter.

arrowCoinremitter charges the lowest ever BNB fees for withdrawing BNB, i.e. 0.23% of the withdrawal amount.

Binance Coin payment gateway - Coinremitter

Benefits of Receiving Binance Coin on Coinremitter

arrowBinance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. It was found by Changpeng Zhao in July 2017. BNB was the largest cryptocurrency exchange with a market capitalization of $1.3 billion back in 2018. Merchants need to purchase the premium plan of Coinremitter.

arrowThe premium plan brings the advantage of Coinremitter’s gas station. With the help of the gas station, Coinremitter pays some of the gas fees on BNB transactions on behalf of merchants.

Grow your business by accepting Binance Coin

How Does It Scale Up Your Business?

arrowThere are several features of BNB like savings, IEO and VIP program which attract several crypto inventors for having the Binance coin, which automatically increases the customer base of BNB holders. Also, there is a 25% trading fee discount for paying fees using BNB.

arrowSome other parameters also include its low transaction fees, quick adoption, bridging and localization.

arrowAlso, there is no need for KYC or a bank account for receiving BNB on Coinremitter. Merchants can start receiving BNB straight in their wallets.

arrowAccepting Binance Coin may help merchants gain a customer base interested in paying BNB only.