Accept BTC Payments With Coinremitter

arrowYou can take your business ahead of competitors by accepting Bitcoin payments using Coinremitter's BTC API. Coinremitter can help you in accepting Bitcoin payments and offers user-friendly & affordable crypto wallets.

arrowYou need to sign up for Coinremitter as a merchant or an individual if you’re willing to accept Bitcoin payments. After signing up, you need to integrate Coinremitter’s BTC API into your website for accepting Bitcoin payments. Here is how you can have the API key and password of Coinremitter.

arrowAlso, you need to add a Bitcoin wallet on Coinremitter, because it is necessary for accepting Bitcoin. You can read a complete guide to creating a Bitcoin wallet. Now you’re eligible to receive Bitcoin payments with Coinremitter.

arrowCoinremitter charges low Bitcoin fees for withdrawing Bitcoin, i.e. 0.23% of the withdrawal amount.

Bitcoin payment gateway - Coinremitter

Benefits of Receiving Bitcoin on Coinremitter

arrowBitcoin is the first & the most popular cryptocurrency in the crypto universe. Usually known as BTC or XBT, it is a decentralized digital currency that can be transferred on the P2P network. Network nodes verify BTC transactions through cryptography and a public distributed ledger called blockchain records them.

arrowBTC becomes the first choice of every crypto holder and merchant after having its own legacy and popularity. So, we prioritized the support of Bitcoin on Coinremitter. Even merchants without the premium plan can access BTC on Coinremitter.

Grow your business by accepting Bitcoin

How Does It Scale Up Your Business?

arrowThe link between the supplier & the merchant has been established with the help of peer to peer relationships. Also, Bitcoin’s popularity has achieved new heights along with its consistent value. Bitcoin’s accessibility and liquidity have helped it a lot to gain popularity.

arrowBitcoin transactions are untraceable and anonymous. There’s no personal identity attached to transactions. So, there’s no risk of getting personal details leaked.

arrowAlso, there is no need for KYC or a bank account for receiving Bitcoin on Coinremitter. Merchants can start receiving Bitcoin straight in their wallets.

arrowAccepting Bitcoin may help merchants gain a customer base interested in paying in BTC only.