Accept Bitcoin As Payment With Coinremitter

  • To accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment and make your business stay at top of competitors, Coinremitter can help you with the best and secure payment gateway solution for cryptocurrency payments, and also crypto wallets which are user-friendly and low cost.
  • To start accepting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, you need to sign up as a merchant or as an individual in a coinremitter. Once you are done signing up and integrating its plugins you’ll be able to start accepting bitcoin as payment on your website.
  • After you create a merchant or individual account, you need to create a Bitcoin wallet on Coinremitter to receive or send crypto payments. To know how to create a wallet read the guide.
  • To accept payment in Bitcoin you need to integrate its plugin and API key and passwords, to know more about where to get it from and how to use it read the API guide.
  • Once you completely understand how to get API keys and passwords, simply integrate its gateway plugin and paste it. After successful integration, you can start accepting payments in Bitcoins.

Key Feature Of Coinremitter

  • Our transaction costs are the lowest in the cryptocurrency payment process business, at just 0.23% on currency withdrawal. Read more
  • You can keep your Bitcoins in your Coinremitter wallet for as long as you like.

How Businesses Can Benefit From Coinremitter

  • Coinremitter provides a quicker and more secure crypto payment gateway that you can integrate into your website or app to accept cryptocurrency payments.
  • There are several advantages to using Coinremitter. It enables you to send crypto coins anywhere in the globe without the need for banks or credit cards.
  • Other features include currency swap, a digital wallet, the ability to create invoices, and many more.

So, How Does It Scales Up Your Business

  • Peer To Peer relationships helped to establish a solid link between supplier and merchant. This will also increase their confidence and allow them to transfer payment into the merchant's wallet.