The Use of Bitcoin Cash in Coinremitter

Coinremitter: crypto payment gateway helps you to send your payments anywhere in the world with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Coinremitter has a lot of benefits. You can send the payment at a low price at the Coinremitter, no documentation or KYC required, and no additional charges. In general, it benefits both clients and merchants.

Choose your cryptocurrencies that you want to add to your website as a payment option. As Coinremitter: crypto payment gateway supports a majority of the coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and many.

The Use of Bitcoin Cash in Coinremitter
Integrate Bitcoin Cash

Integrate Bitcoin Cash:

  • To integrate Bitcoin Cash into your website, you need to first install the Coinremitter payment gateway on your platform to accept your payments.
  • The platforms that we are supporting such as Magento 2, WordPress, Opencart, Laravel, and PHP.
  • After that, you need to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet into the Coinremitter. To understand the procedure read this guide of How to create a wallet.
  • When you have built the wallet, now it’s time to add the API key and password of that wallet to your platform and you are good to accept crypto payments.
  • Get the idea of How to get an API key and Password?

Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments

As a merchant, one of the key goals is to be able to accept and process payments as quickly and seamlessly as feasible so that you can please your clients and collect payments without any difficulties.

The solution is Bitcoin Cash since it has quick and low-cost transactions. Bitcoin Cash is becoming the go-to way of paying online and in retail stores.

Coinremitter makes the process easy to accept Bitcoin Cash payments.

accept bitcoin cash payments