Accept Bitcoin Cash As Payment With Coinremitter

  • You can begin accepting Bitcoin cash as payment, with the help of Coinremitter. We are one of the low-cost and secure payment gateway processors that allows you to take cryptocurrency payments from anywhere in the globe.
  • There are several advantages to using Coinremitter. You can transfer the money for a low fee using Coinremitter, with no paperwork or KYC required and no extra fees. It benefits both customers and merchants in general.
  • To start accepting you need to create an account on Coinremitter and integrate its plugins into your website.
  • Apart from Bitcoin cash, you can also accept other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and so on.

Integrate Bitcoin Cash

  • To accept Bitcoin Cash payments on your website, you must first integrate the Coinremitter payment gateway on your website.
  • Magento 2, WordPress, Opencart, Laravel, and PHP are among the platforms we support and provide plugins for.
  • Following that, you must create a Bitcoin Cash wallet on Coinremitter. Read the guide on how to Create a Wallet.
  • After you've created the wallet, add the API key and password to your platform and you're ready to accept cryptocurrency payments. Get the idea of How to get an API key and Password?

Why Accept Bitcoin Cash As Payments

  • One of your primary aims as a merchant is to be able to accept and process payments as fast and seamlessly as possible so that you can satisfy your customers and collect payments without difficulty.
  • Bitcoin Cash is the solution since it allows for fast and low-cost transactions. Bitcoin Cash is quickly becoming the preferred method of payment for online and in-store purchases.
  • Coinremitter makes the process easy to accept Bitcoin Cash payments.