Accept ETH Payments With Coinremitter

arrowMerchants with Coinremitter’s premium plan can rely on Coinremitter’s Ethereum payment gateway solution for accepting Ethereum payments. Creating an ETH wallet is the first step to be taken before accepting ETH payments using Coinremitter’s ETH API.

arrowFirst of all, sign up for Coinremitter or log into your Coinremiter account (only if you are an existing user). After setting up your Coinremitter account, you can integrate Coinremitter’s ETH API into your website for receiving Ethereum payments. Here is how you can have API key and password of Coinremitter.

arrowReceiving ETH payments isn’t possible without adding an ETH wallet. So, read this guide for creating an ETH wallet. Now you’re eligible to receive Ethereum payments with Coinremitter.

arrowCoinremitter charges the lowest ever ETH fees for withdrawing Ethereum, i.e. 0.23% of the withdrawal amount.

Ethereum payment gateway - Coinremitter

Benefits of Receiving Ethereum on Coinremitter

arrowEthereum stands next to Bitcoin when it comes to market capitalization. Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain which has ‘smart contract’ functionality. The currency on the platform is known as Ether (ETH). Ethereum was founded in 2013 by a programmer named Vitalik Buterin & went live in 2015.

arrowKeeping all these parameters in mind, Coinremitter has extended its support to Ethereum. The benefits of processing ETH transactions increase when Coinremitter brings the feature of the gas station.

Grow your business by accepting Ethereum

How Does It Scale Up Your Business?

arrowData coordination and rapid deployments are the key benefits of the Ethereum Blockchain. Also, it has been scalable and it is performing consistently. The community of Ethereum developers is hardly working to improve the network and develop new applications.

arrowEthereum takes just 12 to 15 seconds to add a block to the blockchain, which causes faster ETH transactions.

arrowAlso, there is no need for KYC or a bank account for receiving ETH on Coinremitter. Merchants can start receiving ETH straight in their wallets.

arrowAccepting Ethereum may help merchants gain a customer base interested in paying ETH only.