The Use of Ethereum in Coinremitter

Before we head onto the integration part, first you need to know about the Coinremitter.

Coinremitter is a crypto payment gateway to send and receive crypto coins across the globe without any involvement of banks and credit cards.

The advantages of using Coinremitter is that there is no requirement to submit KYC or any documentation, and no additional charges.

You can install Coinremitter: crypto payment gateway into your platform, as we support the most popular open source plugins such as Laravel, Magento, WordPress, and more. Functionalities

the use of ethereum in coinremitter
Integration Process of Ethereum

Integration Process of Ethereum

Ethereum coin Integration is quite easy, you just need to create an Ethereum wallet on the Coinremitter’s site.

You can initiate your first step by creating an account on Coinremitter.

After that, you can make your Ethereum wallet to send and accept your payments through this coin.

If you don’t know the procedure of how to create a wallet then you can consider this guide on how to create a wallet?

You’re almost there, just copy the API key and add your password to integrate into your open source platform.

For clear understanding read the guide How to get an API key and password.

Now you’re ready to accept payments into your Ethereum wallet.

Why Choose Ethereum?

Offering the option to your customers to accept Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is a perfect way to improve your business and increase your sales.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to pay using Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

There are lots of benefits of choosing Ethereum, one of them is that all blockchain transactions are cryptographically safe, and Ethereum has three times more nodes than Bitcoin's to check its transactions.

why choose ethereum
ethereum api

Ethereum API

An Ethereum payment API allows you to integrate and receive Ethereum transactions on your website by connecting the checkout system of your company to a network that acquires payments.

Accepting Ethereum on your website is a smart business move because it helps you to catch opportunities and cater to your current and potential customers while offering a service that separates you from your competitors.