Accept LTC Payments With Coinremitter

arrowLitecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and Coinremitter can help you accept LTC payments online for your business with the help of Coinremitter’s LTC API.

arrowFor receiving Litecoin payments, signing up as a merchant or an individual is necessary. Integrating LTC API is the next step after signing up for Coinremitter. Here is the guide to getting the API key and password of Coinremitter.

arrow Adding a Litecoin wallet on Coinremitter is necessary for accepting Litecoin. You can check this guide to know the process of creating a Litecoin wallet. Now you’re eligible to receive Litecoin payments with Coinremitter.

arrowCoinremitter charges low Litecoin fees for withdrawing LTC, i.e. 0.23% of the withdrawal amount.

Litecoin payment gateway - Coinremitter

Benefits of Receiving Litecoin on Coinremitter

arrowInspired by Bitcoin, Litecoin is one of the earliest altcoins started in Oct 2011. Litecoin’s main chain contains a slightly modified Bitcoin codebase. The practical differences between the two codebases are lower transaction fees, faster transaction confirmations, and faster mining difficulty retargeting.

arrowThe most recent update contains optional privacy features via soft fork through the MWEB. Being the most popular altcoin, Litecoin grabs a deserving spot at Coinremitter. Less targeted block time causes faster transactions on the Litecoin blockchain.

Grow your business by accepting Litecoin

How Does It Scale Up Your Business?

arrowThe transaction fee of Litecoin is less than most of the popular cryptocurrencies. Also, transactions are fast on the Litecoin blockchain. Also, Litecoin is built on an open-source platform, which makes the implementation of new features easy for developers.

arrowAccepting Litecoin helps merchants gain a lot of consumers, especially tech enthusiasts. The support of Litecoin brings a large customer base to merchants.

arrowAlso, there is no need for KYC or a bank account for receiving Litecoin on Coinremitter. Merchants can start receiving Litecoin straight in their wallets.

arrowAccepting Litecoin may help merchants gain a customer base interested in paying in LTC only.