Accept USDT ERC20 Payments With Coinremitter

arrowCoinremitter is the world’s most reliable USDT ERC20 payment gateway. Only pro users can access USDT ERC20 API on Coinremitter.

arrowThe process of receiving USDT ERC20 starts with signing up for Coinremitter. After that, you must integrate Coinremitter’s USDT ERC20 API into your website for accepting USDT ERC20 payments by having the API key and password of Coinremitter.

arrowAdding a USDT ERC20 wallet on Coinremitter is necessary for accepting USDT ERC20. A complete guide to creating a USDT ERC20 wallet can help. Now you’re eligible to receive USDT ERC20 payments with Coinremitter.

arrowCoinremitter charges the lowest USDT ERC20 fees for withdrawing USDT ERC20, i.e. 0.23% of the withdrawal amount.

USDT ERC20 payment gateway - Coinremitter

Benefits of Receiving USDT ERC20 on Coinremitter

arrowCoinremitter is the first crypto payment gateway in the industry to offer USDT ERC20 services to merchants. Tether is an asset-backed stablecoin cryptocurrency. Tether is considered a stablecoin because it is designed to be valued at USD $1.00. ERC20 refers to the type of Ethereum token protocol used for this payment method.

arrowCoinremitter offers loads of features to merchants such as multi-wallet support, creating an invoice, digital wallet and many more. Coinremitter is known for its low transaction fees (just 0.23%).

Grow your business by accepting USDT ERC20

How Does It Scale Up Your Business?

arrowUSDT has been very stable when it comes to its value, because its price is based on USD and USDT could offer decent returns over a long-term horizon. USDT witnesses wide acceptance across the industry. Also, crypto tokens are easy to install for developers.

arrowThe ERC20 standard enables developers to create DApps on the Ethereum network. ERC20 tokens have a high level of liquidity.

arrowAlso, there is no need for KYC or a bank account for receiving USDT ERC20 on Coinremitter. Merchants can start receiving USDT ERC20 straight in their wallets.

arrowAccepting USDT ERC20 may help merchants gain a customer base interested in paying USDT ERC20 only.