Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Plugin Integration Into PHP



Integrate Coinremitter In PHP

PHP is a widely-used platform for eCommerce websites. Because of its speed and stability, PHP is a trusted programming language. And because of these reasons, we can see plenty of eCommerce platforms running PHP.

Seeing PHP’s vast applications, we thought of providing a smoothly operating portal supporting a revolutionary crypto payment method. Merchants can integrate PHP crypto payment plugin and directly accept crypto payments from customers on your website.

01. Configuration Guide:

You can install the plugin Coinremitter using the composer in your project using:

composer require coinremitterphp/coinremitter-php

02. Library Usage:

You must have to include a package namespace anywhere if you wish to use this library, such as:

include_once './vendor/autoload.php';

use CoinRemitter\CoinRemitter;

You can control all the library methods by creating a class object such as,

                            $params = [
                                   'coin'=>'BTC', //coin for which you want to use this object.
                                   'api_key'=>'YOUR_API_KEY', //api key from coinremitter wallet
                                   'password'=>'PASSWORD' //password for selected wallet

                            $obj = new CoinRemitter($params);

03. Get Balance:

You can get your wallet balance by using the “get_balance” call.

$balance = $obj->get_balance();

It will return either a positive response or an answer to an error if anything goes wrong.

Below you can check the successful response:

    "msg":"Get balance successfully",