Crypto Payment Gateway For WordPress Website

Accepting payment in cryptocurrencies is now easy and fast with the CoinRemitter plugin.



Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

01. Why Use CoinRemitter As Your Payment Processor?

Knowing the fact that a lot of businesses and individuals are using WordPress for their websites and a huge interest in cryptocurrencies nowadays has led to an era accepting payments in cryptocurrencies will boost your business, and here is where CoinRemitter steals the show with its services like payment gateway and wallet, and most importantly their low-cost fee and free plugins for WordPress and other platforms get the job done easily.

02. Integrate CoinRemitter In WordPress

In order to integrate Coiremitter plugins on your WordPress website, you need to create an account on CoinRemitter which is free, and secure.

Once registered, follow the steps given below.

  • To integrate the CoinRemitter plugin, you need to install WooCommerce on your WordPress Site.
  • Once done, you need to open the “Plugins” option, click “Add New” and then search for “CoinRemitter”.
  • You’ll see “CoinRemitter Crypto Payment Gateway”, then click “Install”.
  • After installing it you need to click “Active” and the CoinRemitter plugin is installed on your WordPress website.

You need to set up your account and wallet in the Coinremitter if you have finished installing the Coinremitter plugin to accept cryptocurrency payments.

03. Setup Your Coinremitter Account & Wallet

Once you are done installing the CoinRemitter plugin on WordPress, follow the steps given below to set up your account & crypto wallet.

  • Go to the CoinRemitter website, if you already have an account then just log into it, or if you are new then just sign up for a new account.
  • Once you log into your account go to the wallet option and create a wallet for a specific cryptocurrency that you are willing to accept.
  • After creating a wallet click “Credential” to get your “API key” and “Password”.
  • Now you need to set up a wallet on the Coinremitter plugin, so open the plugin in WordPress.
  • Once you open the plugin you’ll need to click “Add Wallet”.
  • While creating a wallet, make sure to create a specific wallet for a cryptocurrency, so you don’t end up having issues in receiving payments.
  • After creating a wallet, you need to enter the API key and Password from Coinremitter.
  • Once you fill in all required information, click “Verify”. And it's done, you have successfully set up the Coinremitter plugin. Now you can receive cryptocurrency payments.

( Please NOTE : If you have already created a Litecoin wallet on the Coinremitter website, then also you need to create a Litecoin wallet on the plugin, because if you create wallets of multiple coins simultaneously then the wallet credentials won’t work. For instance, if you have a Bitcoin wallet on Coinremitter and you create a Litecoin wallet on the plugin, then Bitcoin's API key will not function in the Litecoin wallet. Therefore, you need to be clear while creating a wallet, it needs the same wallet at both places.)